The Cleanse || Four Weeks off Social Media [process]

For four weeks, I’ll be of all forms and types of Social Media, I’ve also extended this to include the “comments” sections of news and video sites.


Facebook celebrated it’s ten year anniversary in public existence and part of their marketing strategy was to have Time magazine calculate how time you’ve spent on Facebook according to your feed activity.

For ten years, I racked up around 40 days and change….this was from one account of course. I have three for my DJing and one for my Radio Show….all of which are usually untouched, but I thought one calculation was enough. The twitter & tumblr accounts…oy. Not being able to take a picture of snow and Instagram it, has decreased my need to tell anyone about all the ice that is surrounding well….everyone; who woulda thunk it?

Kyle and Kristina are joining me on our process of purging our Social Media distractions and dependency.

It’s been four days and I’ve been more productive. My awareness of people being on their “go-to” apps and social media is extremely heightened. Honestly, I did not think I used it that much but when you start getting “the sweats” five minutes into a four week commitment, it really made me wonder “what the hell have I been doing on there?!”

On the bright side….my brain is working on “high capacity” & I’ve started drawing everyday, it’s going well!!

My Sketchbook



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