Temporary Expert || Daily Practice: Week One [process]


•As a part of the “start” of my day (the time varies,) the first activity that I do is a “Sound Drawing.”

•These drawings are my visual interpretation of my auditory intake. They are all time stamped with: the month, date, start time and end time.

•The drawings are formed from the ambient (and not so ambient) sounds of my apartment, the sound of pen on paper, and the sounds of my thoughts. I have found this repetition (ie. the commitment to draw each day) has a meditative quality about it and have also started a guided meditation (thank you Stasia) each day for 10 minutes.


•I would like to get a contact mic, to record the sounds of drawing and make a sound collage with them.


•As the days have gone on, I have been finding a comfort and sense of accomplishment with this daily ritual. Today, I looked back at the drawings as a critical analysis opportunity. While I like the free-form quality, I have noticed that when making a mark more than 5-8 times, I get impatient, and strokes become more rushed. Once out of that drawing cycle, I often go back and create new boundary lines around existing structures to create cleanliness and order. This is something that I have also noticed in my work. While I am used to chaotic periods of gestation and rehearsal, I think there is something to be said in creating more order from the start, so as to allow for another experience and expression of freedom and completion in my work and life.




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