Spatial Expression | ICM Final [project]

Title | Spatial Expressions is an interactive experience through the manipulation of Audio and Visual elements.


Collaborators | I originally started off with a concept that is part of a three-person project (with Sharon De La Cruz & Kyle Greenberg) proposal, for the Winter 2013 show, called “The Killer Bee Hive”, which is an interactive installation inspired by the hip-hop group, the Wu Tang Clan. My contribution is a user-controlled, room-tone experience. Through various modes, the user can travel through the alter-egos of the Wu-Tang Clan Members.


Challenges | Through advice from Mimi and my own discretion, I decided to simplify this process by building upon the concepts that I have already learned. Of course that meant I got ambitious (the opposite of simple, I know) and began learning how to use the Geomerative Library (a brief description of this process can be found here: Final Project Process.)

-Learning the Library to the point of proficiency was a concern, however I was successful with this.

-Combining different effects for the manipulation of text through Audio In and Visual Effects into one sketch was my biggest challenge.

-More elements in one sketch, resulting in more moving parts and and as a result, I had one sketch that would break when the Editable-Text was empty, and another version that was un-editable but worked.

-The Editing Feature caused other parts of the code to be less “effective” and/or dynamic, which is not my desired intention.


User Testing | In-class User Testing had a biggest influence on my final presentation and sketch as a whole. Users were desiring more interactivity as the sketch before invoked simply a feeling but left many feeling as if they were not part of the world they were observing. (More details here:  Final Project Process)

I had the opportunity of allowing my Mother to try “Spatial Expressions” on Monday, and she was so excited and fascinated about the reaction of the text to her voice and music. I recounted the experience to my advisor, Danny Rozin, and he explained that it’s nice to allow those who are not as familiar with the coding/technology to experience these pieces, as it’s nice to see it through other’s eyes and gauge the success of what you’re working on.


Next Steps |

-I would like to fix the “broken” parts, ie: the “null pointer exception” when the editable text field is empty”

-The ability to draw on top of the video with a Wacom Tablet

-Combining this with Live DJing & work with more Abstract shapes and tones in the visuals


I had a great time pushing myself with this project and greatly appreciate my teacher, Mimi Yin. Seriously, she’s help me come a long way from the beginning. Overall I have a more confidence and a better grasp on what it is I’m creating. SIMPLICITY IS GOLDEN is my new mantra, and I am going to miss my ICM class….6-9pm, you really bond with people in an evening/late night programming class.

THANK YOU & Enjoy SPATIAL EXPRESSION (all the versions)



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