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What my project is:

Immigrants Don’t go to Therapy is a live Music Talk Radio show. Akin to existing radio variety shows, it will feature performers, live instrumentation, and a level of interactivity from the audience. Through the exploration of the impact of sensorial elements, the aim is to utilize music and “less words/ feelings to illicit a cathartic response from subjects and participants in the show.


What are two projects that serve as inspiration:

A Prairie Home Companion

Sarah Jones’ Performance Pieces


What are the first steps?

A mapping/game plan of what needs to be done. I believe I need to write sample scripts and then build the rest of the show around it (music, interaction, etc) as well as research on my “goal” audience

Is it big enough to interest you for a whole semester?

Yes it is.

 If it is enormous, what aspect of this core idea can you tackle? Is that a project in itself?

I think at least one performance, in the vein of a one woman-show is feasible. It is a project, that needs to be completed for my progress as a creator, performer, writer, person.


Below is a transcription of my (in-class) project mapping:

LIVING NARRATIVE: Musically orchestrated, vocally Narrated, theatrical, and sensorially stimulating

-On Stage: a specific venue, continuously

-Installation: projections of show inside of a space

-Performance Piece

-Inside of a Built Structure: a geodesic dome


-Concert/Performance: a limited run performance

-Live Streamed

-Animation: series of short animations/webseries

-Book of Short Stories





-Audio/ Foley Sound


-Sensors (haptic)

-Size of an ampitheatre

-Size of a black box (theatre)

-Expansive as an Outdoor Festival

-Intimate as a Studio Space in Brooklyn

-Portable as a Flat Screen Television

-Comforting as a 10 foot. Geodesic Dome

-Mobile as the size of a headset


-An evolving process through the world of mental health from the perspective of an accidental immigrant, with nomadic tendencies.
-Personal Release

-Sense of Completion


-To seek strength

-To connect to others

-To get out of my head

-Create art

-Tell a story

-Share a story

-Create a “clusterfuck” in the existing narrative that is constantly tacked onto my “person” when I enter a room, say my name, state my origin

-Shatter judgement

-to monetize, so that my family can be reassured that I will not be destitute

-All of my teachers that have told me that I need to create something for myself, in order for people to start writing pieces that would capture my “strengths” as an actor because nobody will create it for me

-My Family

-Steven Nicholas

-Mali Woods

-Other Nigerian Artists

-Children in low income areas, middle income areas, and areas of privilege

-Because I’m tired of talking

-My name

-Traditional Theatre-goers/Membership holders

-25+ College Graduates, with jobs or seeking them

-Art Galleries

-Performance Art Spaces in urban areas with Youth initiatives

-Film/Music Festivals

-The Public Theatre, Emerging Writers Program

-Joe’s Pub


-Queens Museum


-Brooklyn Museum 1st Saturdays


-BassCoast Festival in Squamish, BC

-The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, BC

-Danitra Vance

-Charlene Maclean

-James Turrell

-Le Courbosier

-Sarah Jones

-Fela Kuti

-Radio Variety Shows/Dramas of the 1950s…

-[     ]

-John Leguizamo


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