Project Development Studio || N2S Map Notes[notes]

Devin had to be “Rena” (me) today and it was very insightful. There are parts of the project that are very clear however, from his interpretation and presentation I also saw what parts still need to be more specific.

Coming from a Film/TV Production background, he also gave me some really good references, which was great! Devin also wrote feedback in the sections that were very clear to him. The sections that were unclear were left blank.

LINKS for Reference:


I’m so excited because Hassan Hajjaj’s first solo exhibition in New York is at the Taymour Grahne gallery, right now! I have till March 8th, to see it…FIELD TRIP!!


My Feedback for myself:

One-Woman Show

Musicians pre-recorded in separate spaces (Jazz trio, for example…my reference is “The Ruff Pack“) and projected into the space.

Possibility of me being Live or Filmed….or both?

SCRIPTS to write. The content will form the show’s format.

Marina’s Notes:
“immigrants don’t go to therapy”
multimedia performance piece starring me
semi autobio narrative
family’s experience as immigrants
and my personal internal journey learning about myself going to therapy
live or recorded?
one woman show
me plus radios, music
furniture/sensorial feedback for audience
readymades, fabric for projections,
taking audience on an emotional journey – fear, humor
is it a linear piece?
installation context vs theater context?
what is the stage?
where does it take place?

Do you know Candice Breitz’ work?


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