Phys Comp | 1st Class

Phys Comp | Power Porter

Today was our first and we were allowed to think up a “fantasy device!” The criteria:

  • Doesn’t exist
  • Technical feasibility doesn’t matter
  • How would the user operate your device


My group was Erin and Sagar, and we created “The Power Porter”: Your personal packer, so you can move faster!

We presented it in front of the class as part of an informercial/pitch called “My Simple Life”…we are still taking questions, comments and funders 🙂 It was a great experience as I got a lot out it this on a technical level and on a personal level. Our plans & notes are above.


Learning Process [revelations]:

I also learned something about my learning style in a group. I got frustrated at first my idea to make a list of what we need to present our idea was shrugged off at first. So I let my group members talk and brainstorm then, I inserted “the plan” that we would need in order to have a finished product and be comfortable to talk about it with our class. Realizing that it was me (I don’t watch Dr. Who, so I had no frame of reference for half of the brainstorming and felt left out when I was not asked about my device from class) and I could either sulk and be difficult or work from the place that my two other group members were working from and add to the project. The latter worked better for all of us.

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  1. Tom Igoe

    That’s a very useful thing to learn. Great observation. It’s also worth finding ways to point out to your partners when their shared references are getting in the way of working together.



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