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Phys Comp | my Blog Posts aka Where are they?! [an apology to my lonely Blog: a Post]

So a nice discovery just happened at the wee hours of the night. My blog posts, have not been “appearing.” Granted, there are a few DRAFTS in my Posts pile but, my WordPress theme doesn’t show my blog posts that don’t have an attached “Featured Image.”

**Le Sigh** anyway, I’ve decided that “content-vs-aesthetic perfection” is a battle I’m not going to win. Documentation, you are a tough one but I haven’t given up, and I’ll just have to use my generic thumbnail, for things that don’t have special graphics…and just get ‘er done.


Anyway, I am really excited about building out this “Chromatics Dome.” I felt very happy about the progress that Edwin and I made from the first concept till now. It started as an inkling from my “Mood Ring” calculator, that I built using HTML, CSS, and PHP for Comm Lab Web and with a nice push in the right direction from Tom….it evolved into a user experience that allows them to experience a form of synesthesia called, chromasthesia.

I think my Time Management is still something that needs to be worked on, and I am trying harder with that. I have no problem making lists and planning out tasks but at times I do feel like there is also a good amount of negative feedback from my partner, so that pushes me into wanting to push-back by staying on my task, instead of maybe divvying up my time a little better.

On our final night, before our midterm was due, the only way I could tell him to ease back was by telling him he should “shine some sunshine up his a$$ because I couldn’t be the only one to be happy and sh*t with the Debbie Downer attitude”….he smiled, so it worked. I had trouble with getting the music to play into the sketch, so that sucked a bit. After the fact (this week) the notes were playing…one at a time, still not the goal but better than the “slamming on the piano keys at once” sound that was blaring before.


Next post is on our planning for the Final, improvements and what’s next!



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