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based off my Comm Lab Web assignment

Phys Comp | Midterm Idea [process]

I made some sketches of what I would like to do for my Midterm.

Essentially, I want to create a “LIVE” Mood Ring…i know this exists as a Mood Ring, but more like a Mood Ring that you can interact with in person that’s not on your hand. I just have a basic idea of how it would work ( in my sketches, above)


Proposed Plan: (the way I drew it in my sketches, it should actually more like the picture below)

Midterm Project Idea | Clarification

-Arduino: User will answer the questions from the MOOD RING (web), by using an Interface…Science Fair 300 or Korg Pad Kontrol (MIDI) which will take the values from the web, and send them to a Database set up in MySQL

-The Web Interface: MOOD RING (php code) send values to Processing

-The Processing Sketch: The Processing Sketch takes the Web API values & the code will animate Colors & Sounds that correspond with the “Mood Ring Reading”


I want to use the Science Fair 300 to wire in sounds and color, however I have doubts about it’s functionality so I have a “Plan B,” the Korg Pad Kontrol (a USB MIDI Device.)


-I posed questions for myself, that may be obstacles to accomplishing this:

  • Does the Science Fair 300’s breadboard need to be connected to a Breadboard circuit on an Arduino?
  • What sensors will I need, if any?
  • Can I translate Midi values into Sound that triggers video/shapes in Processing?
  • Does the Science Fair 300 even work?


We’ll see how this goes!


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