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Phys Comp | Final Project: Connectors [materials ideas]

Okay, so we are pretty set on using Bamboo to create the new Chromatics Dome….I did some research besides 3-D printing our own connectors (which is time consuming, put a possibility) found this site: An open source, geodesic dome building kit is being developed (or is developed, I wasn’t sure from the minimal information on the site.) They have great ideas for connectors & domes that have been built.

*the EPDM Rubber is NOT welcome in the laser cutter….which means a Heavy Duty Paper Cutter or Exacto…..a little Hard Labor never hurt anybody, right??

EPDM Rubber Hub Connector








Another way of tying the Bamboo, is old school but effective:

Another way of tying the Bamboo, is old school but effective:

This is an instructional from a book from the 1970s…tools needed “a pocket knife and string”….I would opt for strong reeds and or rope, if I were building this for the outdoors (as the book had intended.)

Anyway, zip ties have also been suggested. Some strong twine, may do the trick, just fine! the 70s seemed like a fun time….Disco, Soul Train and apparently Free Bamboo, growing everywhere! [quote from the Desert Domes Site :

“Bamboo grows fast, is free material for a dome framework. It might be possible to suspend a tent skin or mosquito netting inside, or pull a stretch cloth over the outside and shoot foam. Tools: a pocket knife and string. The following instructions were prepared by R. Buckminster Fuller. I haven’t tried this yet.” ]



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