Phys Comp | FINAL PROJECT [a proposal]


We are going to build this thing out.

After a successful Skype Meeting & in Person Meeting, this is what we have: (all of our written documentation is populated into Google Documents)

Edwin and I had an “After Project Assessment” what worked, what didn’t and what needs improving. We also discussed what needs to be bought, made and programmed in depth, along with a “Bill of Materials” list.

I did an overall search on Geodesic domes, from kits to tents, and ended up with a “Geodesic Sauna” as our inspiration.

I also broke out the ruler & protractor to create a sturdy prototype.

Edwin suggested using Bamboo and spoke to Tom about using PVC. Tom advised against it because it’s not eco-friendly. He should’ve never told me, because now it’s banned from our products list. I found eco-friendly PVC, but I’ll have to do too much research to really find out what’s “eco-friendly” about it.

-We are also thinking about suspending the dome in the air….just a thought.

BAMBOO it is! Home depot sells it, it’s affordable and has good reviews. I think all can be accomplished with a good plan!

-I used a Geodesic Dome Calculator from Sono Star Hub to calculate what we may build


(From our Brainstorming Sessions/Email):

Bamboo Geodesic Dome

Geodesic Domes & Spheres:


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