Phys Comp | Begin…Again [Class #1, LABS]

Three weeks in and with our “Doubles” schedule, the brain is starting to go slower…which is default for “reaching sleepmode.” So to prevent this cycle from actually happening, I decided to start from the beginning of all my coursework and work through each Syllabus at a slower pace, to understand the concepts.

It was great! Thursday I didn’t have class but sat on the floor after a meeting and it was productive.

I tried to take little notes as I worked:


OVERALL: Always ask for help if you’re stuck or have no idea what you’re doing. The people that work in the Shop are awesome!
-using the Regulated DC Power Supply
set it to 9V for replacement of 9Volt battery
-checked all of wires & circuits with Shop
-Didn’t work, circuit kept completing when I checked continuity with MultiMeter
-We tested the resistors
-checked our regulator
-made sure the LED was in correctly
-Then realized that the “GROUND” on DC Power supply was set on GREEN GROUND (EARTH GROUND) not Ground for power
Completed Labs:

● Lab: Components
● Lab: Setting up a breadboard
● Lab: Electronics and using a Multimeter
● Lab: Switches
● Lab: Transistors [Did this one on Sunday] (what is in the picture)



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