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Phys Comp | $10 Buy, in the name of “Phys Comp” [Musing]

I’ve been lagging on actually exercising. The other day I wore my exercise “outfit” and never made it to the gym aka FAIL. So today I decided “Let me be half a lazy a$$, and run to pick up my brunch order.” I RAN! Shortly after that I ran into an antiques/junk heaven store on Tompkins Ave in Bed Stuy, btw Hancock & Jefferson.

So of course I find the a dusty little Electronics Workstation and recognized the breadboard sitting on top of it. Nobody knew what it was, and I told another customer I could build circuits on it. To refresh…I am wearing a Light Pink Lululemon sweatshirt, with purple and pink embellishments & black tights, (yup left the house without pants on….again) that stirrup into my running shoes, with a random bandanna, when I said “Oh I know that from school, you can build circuits in that” he looked at me and “I’m sorry what are you studying?”

…so when I told the store owner I would give him $10 and not the $20 he was asking, I’m sure they thought “Oh poor lil’ Hot Pink Rainbow Brite, let her shake the thing till it works.” WIN!!

Apparently Damon Donovan Anthony Thorpe was very protective over this unit, as he tagged his FULL NAME on the Front Piece, so I shall be too!

…ahhh, on a brighter note, this is more motivation to understand my Circuits & Next ARDUINO!


2 Responses to “Phys Comp | $10 Buy, in the name of “Phys Comp” [Musing]”

  1. Isi

    You are HILARIOUS!! I’m sitting here lmbo because of this post… Great buy tho! cant wait to see what you do with it.

    • aspaceforsound

      HAHAA I showed Tom the photo of it in class, and he basically explained how limited and almost useless the thing is…basically it’s only for building circuits, creating distorted Lo-fi sounds. Alejandra and I are determined to wire that badboy to an Arduino and give it LIFE!



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