New Year || New (hard) Drive [a reflection]

My 1st semester of ITP took a lot out of me and from me but, it also gave me a lot more in return.

I got food poisoning the day before my Pcomp Final, my Winter Show partner left our 2-person group, and two hours before the last day of the Winter Show, my external hard drive crashed. 2013, yah went out with a BANG!

Now, personally, although my lowest point was succumbing to a silent sobbing session from inside of The Chromatics Dome the pure selflessness of my classmates, teachers, residents, friends, and family really did change a lot for me in that situation.

In the end, The Chromatics Dome existed, a few close friends, my mother and sister came through, and I received quite insightful and inspiring feedback from the Winter Show-goers.

My triumph:

Completing my 1st semester Projects!! & being able to recover my work from this 1st semester off my harddrive.

My loss:

-500 GB of work from the past 3 years…. but there is a Silver Lining! I found work from a Backup that I made over the summer, soooo just a loss of 1.5 years, not too bad.


-Learned how to use Terminal & Test Disk through the Terminal

-Disk Warrior is great and works

-WD My Passport you ate my data like an after school snack and put up a good fight, you weak piece of— we’ll end it there because you barely lasted 6 months, and are still under warranty; Jerk.

-Hardware breaks, use an online Back-up….thank you Back Blaze.

-Email yourself all your code, or Google Drive it!

-Breathe and Cry often. Everything will be alright, even when everything is not alright…it will be.


From my classmates, I have learned kindness and patience. From the Dalai Lama and Marianne Williamson I have restored my hope in all. From God, I have learned to love and strengthen my faith.

Rest in Power to my Uncle & Steve Nicholas; you are both missed and loved.


So 2014 means “Creative Renewal & Revival.” This isn’t a resolution, just a reflection. I’m thankful to be a part of ITP and the Universe.




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