MIDTERMS | the problem with EVERYTHING [ehhh]

Midterms are wearing me down. I don’t even know if these are midterms or not because there isn’t a “test” per se…it’s more like a grasp on all the concepts & languages that we’ve been learning in every class being put on display for competency at once.

That sentence and my life are starting to feel like a run-on and I’m getting tired of feeling behind and/or slow with getting some of the syntax or concepts in my classes.

Frustration isn’t the word…I can work harder and want to, but sleep is necessary to function…working in groups for creative processes is far more difficult than any group work I’ve been involved with. In Business School everyone was there for one thing. For Acting School everyone was there for one thing. In ITP everyone is here for different things and have different backgrounds. Is it really necessary to be working on a group project after the 1st class at the same time as Midterms??



To produce and to synthesize work,  everybody needs different things. I thrive off repetition garnered by lists and plans when I do things. When my process isn’t respected, it’s not good for anybody. I don’t need my group members to adjust to my method but they need to respect it. Perhaps sleep, a meal….sleep would be a great buffer, -_-


Maybe it’s the 12 hours I spent trying to fix my PComp sketch in Processing and the fact that I want it to double as this week’s ICM homework, I don’t know. Perhaps I’m being too ambitious, or maybe my brain just melted…again.


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