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King Deluxe is an incredible label out of the West Coast of Canada, and I have had the fortunate experience of playing their music on CJSF. PK sent me these two videos. The first one is a collaboration from Namibian, Visual Artist/Animator and Designer Gero Doll and Siberian Musician/Producer Aleph his album Fourth Way drops tomorrow (September 10th, 2013.) The textures and use of color in this video are quite complex as it seems like there is no repetition in each frame. The music is again, incredible!

Hailing from the UK & Germany, the second video is another collaboration between Visual Communication Artist/Animator Henning Lederer and Audio Architect Vaetxh. Their first video “Mass” utilized a similar color palette and thought-provoking simplicity. So many thoughts raced through my mind as I watched this and the amount of the concentration was shocking (especially because I’m sitting around a lot of people on the ITP floor at the moment, haha.) It also seemed like a continuation from “Mass,” and I liked watching them back to back (backwards.)

[All links to music & videos shown and/or mentioned are below]

LINKS | Music
• (Overheat)
• (Aleph: Fourth Way)

LINKS | Videos
(Aleph: Fourth Way, Official)


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