ICM | Final Project [process]

I want to make my Final Project Idea more engaging and interactive. As of right now, it stands as a “pretty sketch” that creates ambience for the room that it’s projected in. However, I want the user to have an immersive experience, as I have a fascination with affecting people through altering sensorial elements.


After an intense and insightful class of User Testing, I determined the following:

-Not everyone knows who the Wu Tang clan is ( I KNOW!! I was shocked as well…this is due to Age/Generation, Geographic Location, etc.)

-Feeling “outside” of the sketch

-The want to touch things they are seeing on the screen

-Questions that would determine what mode they would be in

-No Questions

-Lyrics that resonate with the user


-Altering the appearance of what they are seeing

-Song selection



I’m thinking a generative, responsive projection (audiovisual sculpture) where the body is the controller (perhaps solely-gesture based, with the Leap Controller, for full body, the Kinect)



Today I did a search on “generative and responsive art” I saw some beautiful examples done in Processing, Open Frameworks and Processing. I looked at Fractals and found this: http://actionscripter.co.uk/blog/?page_id=75 and the Mandelbrot Set. It’s fascinating that these figures occur in Nature, which is what I like the most.




Today I am learning how to use the Geomerative Library by Richard Marxer

There is a great Tutorial from Free Art Bureau …They taught a three-day generative Typographie Workshop at La Chancellerie in Lurs in January 2013, which is a good outline of how I can approach this.

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