Hypertext Art & L.A. the Movie (1987)


I’ve been poring over “hypertext art” for a few hours now, and saw this gem in my Inbox from PK at King Deluxe.

Jacob 2-2 named this as one of his influences…the music is so good and the newscaster narration, so 80s; those synths man! The time it took to make the video is quite impressive and horrific by today’s standards…geez!

The making of L.A. the Movie…a little context.

“It took five and a half days of non-stop computer time on a machine capable of computing 4 million instructions per second. Over 3,000 digital frames were generated to make L.A. the Movie.” That represents more than 2.6 billion bytes of data. That is equivalent to enough characters to fill 1.3 million pages of text. That would be a stack of paper over 44 stories tall.”


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