Drawing on Everything || Drawing with Sounds

This week we had to use a Screen Capture software to record ourselves drawing to either Track One or Track Two of “improvisational” piano playing that Shantell recorded for us.

To get more adept with the drawing software, I played around a bit in SketchBook Pro without any music or sounds, so I could get used to it. I don’t like that you can see all the tools on the screen when you work, but otherwise I like the color palettes! I then listened to both tracks.
Track One was fine, a bit calm, nothing jumped out at me.
Track Two hurt my ears a bit, and that hurt physically but I liked the “reverb” effect that some of the ending notes had.

Sketching: I did three attempts and then ended up with the last one, to show.
The first two were kind of “non-committal” attempts for me, as I was so concerned about the look of the video, so I let go of that, and prepped my space for the last one. I preset my color palette beforehand and made a “painted canvas” aka “Mindspace” to work on. That made it more fun, and gave me a better intention with it.

-Using iShowU HD for Screen Capture, as the degradation of the resolutions is something that is aesthetically unpleasing to me.
-Also, perhaps a different software to draw with? or a different mode? I hate seeing the tools on my screen to I cropped out the sides, which also resulted in the loss of some of my drawing in my final video.


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