Drawing with Bleach || Unconventional Drawing

Drawing on Everything || Drawing with Bleach [Unconventional Drawing]

For our “unconventional drawing” assignment, my medium was “bleach on contrasting fabrics.”
This video is a short clip of my Bleach on Ankara test.


-Blue, cotton with spandex

-Ankara, cotton, printed




I mixed a combination of an expired massage gel, from the body shop with bleach to make a “bleach ink.” My “palate” was a broken water bottle cap and an incense stick for mixing.

The Gel & Stick method was a bit frustrating as the two, chemically did not mix smoothly and the gel is oily with an evaporative quality.

I had a broken pen, made from recycled paper, so I cut that open with an exacto knife and poured the bleach in there (as seen in the video) and had more control, but a more watery “ink” to work with.



I mounted the fabric on a wooden controller housing (from my “Chromatics Dome” project) as it served well for an easel/stretcher of sorts with clothes pins.

Leftover vinyl scraps served me well, as I cut them into stencils, then used them to make some shapes…okay, attempted to make some shapes on the fabric.

Drawing with the Bleach Gel was worse on this, as the material was wicking the Bleach Gel, and I couldn’t gauge with was happening. I ended up doing a “tie dye” method with the left over Bleach Gel, and placed the end result in foil paper and baked it, to activate the bleach.



This was relaxing and a lot of fun. Setting aside time and figuring out ways to document, was quite enjoyable. The “on-the fly” inventiveness that it allowed me, was my favorite aspect. Next time…. maybe a little more attention to safety should be a priority; the only thing that made me “jump” was when I got bleach on my table; Safety First!







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