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Designing for Digital Fabrication, CNC Router [process]

Dimelsa and I worked together for our CNC project.


Sacred Geometry has been a guiding “theme” and we attempted to create a piece that had depth and organic geometric symmetry.
•Designing for the machine and not the other way around, is a great note that forced me to re-design our initial design. Dimelsa was the “savior of all that is CNC!” If she wasn’t there, I think our whole class would’ve gave up on their cuts.
•There were stray points left over from my design in Cinema 4D. She explained that my meshes were way too complex. They featured a lot of intersecting points, which is hard to do on the CNC with the current bits we have & also just way too much work. It is cutting away the material, and not adding so that is something to constantly consider.

This is what happened as a result:

IMG_0512 IMG_0513

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