Designing for Digital Fabrication || 1st Test, Laser [process]

I am very excited and thankful for my classmates & Ben Light!

They all helped me go through my outloud thought process (Pedro, Isi & Claire) and then helped me along with giving me new ways to think of my fabrication process (Ben & Dimelsa.)


My Project:

Constructing a 3D space with 2D Elements, to create a geometric landscape, where light will live in the negative spaces.



Construct a 3D Platonic Solid with the Laser Cutter, that one can look into.


Two Tests


I created a docehedron and shattered it in Cinema 4D. I then exported it as a 3DS file and brought it into Vectorworks. I also imported it as a .dxf. It’s important to make sure you select “import 2D & 3D elements” or else you end up with a flat pancake thing. I then converted all lines to 3D Polygons, then saved it as a dwg and opened in Illustrator.


Pedro told me about 123DMake, and then


Took a day off to give my brain a rest and think of a different workflow, without 123DMake….i am still going to use it, eventually!


Finally posted a hyperlapse video of “The Process”:

WoodGrain Lasers ||#Geometric #Process #hyperlapse #itpNYU #c4D #Baltic #Birch

A video posted by Rena aka DJ Lady Lane (@djladylane) on


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