Mood Ring After CSS

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This week has been working me over, like WHOAH….so of course I’ve opted to come back to the ITP floor for intense self-teaching.

Just went to office hours to sort out my PHP code and then had to to actually “code” with my instructor Shawn, and thought “Ohhh sh*t, I have to remember things.”


So I thought it was only natural that I relearn basic HTML & CSS in a few hours. I’m on lesson 3 and have 4 more to go.

…oh I forgot to mention, this is all by hand. Yup. I’m forcing myself to first write out all the code by hand, then try it on my PHP calculator assignment.


I don’t want to say wasted but…I just WASTED 10 minutes messing with the “font size” in html.

“Why was it a waste?” you may ask…because the freaking repeating text “Mood Ring” starts on a new line or fits in the window dependent on how big you set your window. Moving on…and taking a small break.



I didn’t waste that 10 minutes!! Yay for CSS πŸ˜€

SOLUTION: Sized my header to “h3” then used “h3 {white-space:nowrap;}” to disable the default text wrapping (which is why “Mood Ring” kept jumping) only for the heading.




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