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Comm Lab Web | Websites that inspire me

I picked two websites that inspire me mainly because, they are highly interactive in different ways, and both effective in different ways.

Aesthetics & Interactivity | Websites that Inspire Me!



-As an appreciator of music and for what Dante Ross continues to contribute to the world, I love this site/blog.

-MPC…need I say more?

-You get to cut beats over playing tracks and make your own beats.

-Did I mention that you get to play with a MPC online??

-It is the ultimate “Grid” due to it’s replication of the MPC hardware design. It really brings play back into the web experience.

Summary: Awesome.

(Possible) Drawbacks: The organization of the content isn’t blatant enough and the user can get deterred away from even going to the content because of the high level of play. Also uses HTML, PHP and Flash. The Flash is worrying because it’s not supported on many devices. However this website is best used on a laptop or desktop but it does cut off a section of the market.

NEW Solution: I revisited the site, and a “pop-up” of content emerges when you hit some of the pads



& http://worrydream.com/

-Brett Victor’s site is a playground for any creative user, of any level

-The layout is very simple and accessible as it’s formatted on a “slanted” grid.

-I really think that because of what he’s created and is still creating, that is the allure behind this site. The color scheme and font faces aren’t aesthetically pleasing to me however, the content is incredible.

-It’s bare bones, here is the content, here is what I’ve done, you can have a look and maybe build your own new interactive pieces, or just have fun with these.

Summary: Interactivity lives!!

(Possible) Drawbacks: I don’t like the dirt color. For what it is, it’s effective. So I guess “who cares?”…I do.

Solution: Don’t really think it needs one. I looked at the source code and it’s pretty straight forward HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He even let’s you see all the script (with a link in the comments) which is quite nice.


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