Comm Lab Web | Mood Ring : Calculate your Mood in Color!

I’m still trying to fix this.

After a few weeks of Office Hours with Shawn Van Every, a CSS workshop with Danne Woo & help/encouragement from my classmates & the residents (thanks Brian & Mimi)….it’s done!! (well kind of…don’t want to get anyone too excited)

Problems I had to troubleshoot:

-Getting values from the dropdown menus to pass into my equation for my mood PHP file…maybe I have to translate them into integers or binary values??

Solution: creating an array and pulling strings out of the array that represented “Mood Color Values”

-Sending the information to the database…how??

Solution: phpDataMapper must go in the “PHP” folder where the PHP files live, or else you get a function error because you are actually calling for something that does not exist


-CSS for all my html, in a consistent way

Solution: I made a separate Stylesheet, and called on the css in my html code. Still, I think this is just practice because there are things that I want to add (ie: making the Mood Ring Poem Colors, text for the color in the actual color "Red"


-Was able to create my Database with no problem, and even made a “Mood Ring Readings” Table. The problem however….NOTHING IS BEING SAVED. I stepped away, and looked again this morning (as if some php fairies would come and fix it) yeah, still nothing.

Solution: Besides googling the Errors, looking at fellow classmate’s code and asking for help….I got nothing.
AGGHHH! That was a silent scream of frustration.

*Note: During Class I felt like this:

How I felt in Comm Lab Web (after Hypertext Art)
How I felt in Web (during PHP & beyond)

and have discovered that my “talent” (if you will) of “troubleshooting” is ridiculous. I can actually pinpoint, errors, find solutions, fix other people’s code but, I can’t my damn Internet Mood Ring to spit out readings from my database. I am going for a walk…a long walk.


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