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Anil Dash on the Web We Lost

I liked the analogy between throwing away the wedding photos and the “Privately-Owned Public Space

It’s ironic because this issue came up yesterday in our Applications Class, after Dennis Crowley came and talked to us about how he started FourSquare. The privacy issues that are starting to arise actually prompted me to actually take the time to read the Privacy Policy for an update to my DivX player. The constant revisions towards the commodifying of the internet and it’s users is new and therefore a volatile environment. Capitalism isn’t new but the collective consumerism to something that is so malleable and collaborative is, and it’s speed is uncharted.

As I  spend more time at ITP and experience more Guest Speakers, I am seeing that the technology field is a very monochromatic world, slightly devoid of responsibility with a culture of people “blaming the suits” however developers are equally responsible, creators and their counterparts are responsible. I don’t know if it’s because of a balance of IQ-vs-EQ but I can’t help to feel that the “World Wide Web” that was for everyone to connect isn’t at all made for everybody to connect at all.

It’s important to be aware of the politics, the business, and the usability of the things we create. The speed at which we can reach people is incredible and inspiring however the disconnect between “purists” and “users” needs to diminish. That was the ongoing thread that Anil enforced. The Interactive Media Community will continue to miss out on the impact and opportunities that can be harnessed if they keep holding onto ideals and fighting systems that if evaluated can help (or hurt) the greater scope of the internet…a space that was made for the Public but is starting to be encroached upon by Private Sectors, publicly.


*Ironically…I found some history on the Internet/Web World via TIME Everything You Needed to Know About the Internet in May 1994


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