Comm Lab Animation | Stop Motion Shoot: Week #3 [process]

Stop Motion is something that I’ve always loved to watch. I start this post with this recollection because after shooting it with Susanne ALL DAY Tuesday and prepping ALL DAY Monday, it now has an even more “special” place in my heart.

As(my friend) Alice said, “you need to hire like five 10-year olds. They are awesome at Stop Motion until they realize how much time is passing.’ I wasn’t able to procure the help of elementary-school children and instead called on the laser cutter for some help with the small details! Thank you, Jesus. (A phrase uttered many times during the 9+ hour shoot that day.)


Group work is hard, I know this from past assignments in academia and in the corporate world. Group work is harder when skill sets are so blatantly different. I’ve been out of school since 2009 and have honestly never worked with people that don’t operate in a visual/creative skill set. That was my wrong assumption and at first that is what made working in my group difficult. My revelation and Susanne’s explanation made sense, she doesn’t think visually the way I do. Jay and Susanne come from computer Science/Engineering backgrounds. 90% of the time in our meetings, they have not understood what I’ve been telling them.

I have learned patience and showing others how to assemble a “film shoot” from beginning to end.



Storyboard (thank you Sharon for directing to a site for templates!)


Itemized Inventory List (materials, props, sets, tools, etc.)

Schedules and Contact Info

Task List (for each member to sign up with their prospective tasks and progress)




Discussions about discussions

Incomplete Tasks

Strong Personalities

Lack of Sleep

Paper is great, but crazy to animate with…one move and the whole set shifts. We watched Terry Gilliam talk about how he works with paper…if only we had seen that last week! (we used, butter board, construction paper, small bits of wood & plexi scraps, LEDS)


Unfortunately getting all members to participate in filling out the Google Doc, has been a struggle. As a result, tasks are now uneven and causing yet another issue.

I’m very proud of the fact that Susanne and I were able to create the pieces and sets, make a shot list and get the shoot completed. Jay is very talented at drawing and was able to create the perspective for the train station set. Because of schedules, she had to leave. So, Susanne and I missed Applications and stayed on the floor until 12pm to finish the shoot.

NOW ONTO POST! After Effects…here it goes!


I did a Photoshoot with Laser Cut pieces that I will cutout in Photoshop then morph and play with in After Effects. The plan is to super-impose them on the thought bubbles of the characters in the train.


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