Video / A/V Scratching with Traktor

Code of Music || oblique strategies

1st Day of Class, we talked about the overview of the class and I am very excited about the class.

Code of Music with Luisa Pereira


My goal: An interface or system that will allow me to perform audio and visual manipulation at the same time, on the same machine. At present, I know that using OSC is a possibility however I do not know the processing power of these functions nor how to test these. [See example below]


Our first in-class exercise took place in groups, and was inspired by Sequencers & Oblique Strategies via

My Class Notes:

As instructed by Luisa, In pairs:

1) Google ‘step sequencer’ Pick one. Play.

2) Google oblique strategies

•get two pieces of advice
•design a new sequencer

Our two Pieces:
Do something sudden, destructive and unpredictable
Feedback recordings into an acoustic situation
Sequencers that my classmates found: (Fruity Loops based Sequencer)


Below is the short presentation of the sequencer that Yiyang and I showed in class:



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