Code of Music || [in-class notes]




Harmony lecture

Design Exercises

GUEST SPEAKER: Paul Rothman & Stan


Melodyne: Ableton Pitch Detection ||


Pitch Visualization Project ||

Beach Bells


Harmonic Overtone Series ||


Tuning ||





Primary Triads


Chord Progression Examples||



  • Known as the “Evil Chords” in Music


Ode to Joy|| Beethoven

Pachelbel’s Canon in D || J. Pachelbel

Piano Sonata No. 2 – I. Extrêmement rapide by Pierre Boulez

Desafinado by Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto

Rebel Rebel by David Bowie ||

Richard Wagner – “Tristan und Isolde”, Prelude || Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

Politik by Cold Play

So What by Miles Davis


Nonchord Tone aka “Passing Notes”

Suspending Notes

Diminished Chords



RadioLab ||




Harmonic Character ex TriangleWave


Patch a signal into a filter and the filter out to the output

Filter a sine wave, lacks harmonic content, but a triangle wave, with a filter (low pass filter, sweeps in the spectrum of frequencies & you are reducing the frequencies in the higher registers)

Resonance/Peak will excentuate a particular band of frequencies, you can create a “pointed sound”/ tambor and create a vowel like sound



Low Pass

Band Pass

High Pass

Notch Filter


Frequency Modulation (FM)

Using another oscillator at audio rate, to control the sound of another oscillator

FM Synthesis



Bob Moog (like ‘vogue’ pronounced ‘mouge’)

Don Buchla


EuroRack Synthesizer, brought for demo

Dieter Doepfer


Little Bits Synth Modules

Repetition of Melodies & Themes, a method used by composers throughout the ages

ADSR Envelope

Simplified, attack & decay

Attack is how long it takes to get to it’s max volume

then the decay is how long it takes to reach silence



Cartesian Sequencer


Matrix Sequencer

Markov Model


Transition Matrix


Markov style with an algorithmic modeling system, still generative because you have a stochastic model


Hidden Markov Models



Other Synths


Make Noise: Mysteron


Mutable Instruments


The Harvestman


Expert Sleepers



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