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BRIDGING WORLDS || S.M.A.R.T System [#listeningtour]

According to the MTA’s “Capital Needs Report (2015-2034)” New York City’s transportation services provide transit for 15 million people a year. Two thirds of the United States Mass Transit System is comprised of New Yorkers, and one in every three mass transit riders, utilize the MTA’s subway, bus and railroad networks which carry 2.6 billion New Yorkers, to-and-from their destinations, a year. (Source: MTA Capital Needs Assessment 2015-2034) The statistics are impressive and ambitious illustrated in this 19-20 year plan however, there is a lack of mention about the role that the Arts will play in this overhaul and update to an already powerful transportation system. Proposed improvements to the system however, seem to lack substantial feedback from actual transit riders. Through the NYC MTA’s website I found that the last recorded “Rider Report Card” was conducted in 2009. Furthermore, the “Line Review” reports, conducted by MTA officials, seem glaringly opposite to actual transit rider experiences.

Improvements to Train Station appearances have undergone rapid changes to “Old New York” as well as an increase in the push towards multimedia, in this digital age however, these are more for “off-train” use instead of “on-the train” interaction and application.
I am proposing an improvement to communication, arts, and culture all while riding along your morning or evening commute.
The “S.M.A.R.T” (Synchronized Metropolitan Automated Responsive Transit) System, is a synchronized information system that will allow riders to plan trips, save daily commutes, and receive mobile alerts (via email or text) to their devices, in order to enjoy a smoother ride to and from their destinations.

On the Train:
The System is comprised of a network of display panels, made of scratch-proof Gorilla Glass, and programmed with software that works in tandem with the existing CBTC (communications based train control) system, for real-time updating and information distribution. Information, such as service interruptions and changes will be sent over a captured network, to SMART Panels and to transit rider mobile devices.

Off the Train:
All MTA riders will have the opportunity to sign-up for a MTA SMART ID, online, and purchase the new MTA SMART Cards. These will be digitally based Metro Cards, that will ensure that you never lose your subway fare due to loss, theft, or misplacement again. Riders can swipe their cards, type in their SMART IDs or scan their phones at turnstiles to enter all transit systems. Riders can also utilize Tripplanner to customize and synchronize their daily commute or trips, onto their mobile devices and then access them on the train via SMART Panels. By typing their IDs into the MTA SMART Network, they can view their trip on-screen and/or on their devices. Notifications of service interruptions, delays, and Monthly Metro Card payments will also be sent to devices (at rider’s request.)

Alternative Idea:
I initially wanted a way to enrich the city’s “Arts for Transit” program as the static images and “poetry in motion” are not incredibly full of life. Perhaps trying to design a “SMART Panel” that can allow digital artists to upload their works into a piece of hardware that is already networked with capabilities to run an operating system (Hacking together an LCD screen, with Gorilla Glass and an Arduino Yún, along with a network card for the captured network)
-Using the MTA’s API, I can create digitally generative pieces that correspond to the movement of train lines and their delays. These would be displayed on the SMART Panel.
-Using a Color Sensor, the Display can change depending on what the viewer is wearing
-Also a way to perceive if the “mood” of the rider has changed…so perhaps a prompt, that can record the data? (not sure about this because that would mean a touch sensitive screen is necessary)
-Examples of prospective design & design methods || Generative Design with Javascript & HTML

Quasicrystals as sums of waves in the plane ||

My Mockup for an on-board "S.M.A.R.T. Panel"
My Mockup for an on-board “S.M.A.R.T. Panel”

Supportive Documents, Progress and Analysis Reports used for for research:
MTA Press Release || MTA Headquarters add more go-touch-screen-travel stations

Integrating Arts into Capital Projects

Scientific Study || Psychological Support on Art’s Positive Effects on Mood


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