Art-a-Hack || Time & Place [Week Two]

Due to the Holiday Weekend (4th of July) we had a break, and came back this week to work on our projects. That lag really made it harder to get motivated, as with a traditional “hackathon” it’s a 24-hour binge-fest on a project, then it’s over.

We didn’t meet or discuss the project in the two week break, so we lost momentum and possible progress. Still it proved to be a productive day, despite some scheduling issues…aka Summer & Saturday in NYC (trains & sleeping in.)


Andy, really helped me think about my role in the project and sat down to inquire more about what I was actually working on. He stressed the importance of taking the “big” idea and selecting a slice from that to work on. His concern that I now appeared to be a “passenger” instead of a “co-driver” was valid, as most of the application seemed to be driven by the programming. I am learning Ruby on Rails however, Andrew is the expert on that particular area.


When I woke up this morning, something was still nagging at me about the application; the humanity that we want to create through technology is missing. The main motivation for me, was to use smart technology to bring people together in an effort to generate the feelings felt during huge events (ie: concerts, festivals, sporting events, etc.) As technology can be isolating and focused on the user-phone relationship, our goal was to facilitate a user-computer-user experience.




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