Applications | 1st [Official] Day of School! [instructor Nancy Hechinger, Slides from Red (Burns) & Guest Speaker Robert Krulwich]

Applications | My 1st [Official] Day of School

1st Reaction to my 1st Applications class:
…spirit is overflowing, for my heart & brain are overjoyed at this class & my Guides along this path!

While Mr. Krulwich was speaking I could see the memories of his life and experiences playing out in front of me so I made a “faux word-cloud” (of course!) Radiolab and creators like him reassure me that people are supposed to make new things that all may not understand at first and may never but, for the few that do, it is worth it.

[After a few days I let the experience settle and attended my other classes for the first time, this week.]
As a radio content producer and host, I appreciated him sharing his experiences good and bad. The story that stuck with me the most was his 9/11 experience. I still remember that day and the panic that surrounded New York, DC and Flight 93 somewhere in Pennsylvania. Hearing how Mr. Krulwich got so caught up in the details of the physics behind the tragedy wasn’t shocking but it was surprising, as it was for him to at the time. Our news media bears a responsibility to maintain humanity alongside facts; I feel that this is something that is lacking and it’s dangerous. Mr. Krulwich’s awareness is what surprised me. If half of our major news outlets and their parent companies possessed this strength, it could change this world. As creators and content producers of all different mediums, this is something that is critical in our future and current projects. Simply making things and presenting pieces is one thing but, to truly engage ourselves with our audiences and recipients is the bigger task and the ways in which we chose to do so.


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